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Transylvania - Dracula's Homeland

EXPERIENCE THE TRUE SPIRIT OF TRANSYLVANIA, DRACULA'S HOMELAND, A LAND OF A STUNNING NATURAL BEAUTY ! Its literal name says it all:" the land beyond the forest'. Transylvania lies in the centre of Romania, sheltered by the Carpathian Mountains with historic forests and abundant wildlife. Transylvania is not only about haunted castles, werewolves and vampires. Its wonders are far more diverse, ranging from mountain scenery, remains of ancient Roman and Dacian settlements, to rural villages with perfectly preserved customs and medieval towns. Throughout the centuries, Hungarians and Saxon tribes settled in this mythical land which explains its cultural and ethnic diversity. Being under Hungarian and Austro-Hungarian control for many years, Transylvania distinguishes itself from the rest of the country by its westernised style - it is a genuine gateway to and from Western Europe. For any visitor, Transylvania provides an unparalleled chance to go back in time and experience a glimpse of the old traditions which vanished from western culture nearly a century ago.